Radio Packages

Radio packages and offers for you





• broadcasting 24 hours 7 days a week, 365 days a year
• broadcasting to the whole world
• showing  listeners’ position on the map
• showing the number of listeners
• Unlimited quantity of transmitted data
• The sound quality up to 128 kbit / s - CD quality
• negotiated Copyright
• possibility to listen on the phone, in car
• displaying of the song playing
• Custom built radio player
• Complete statistics of broadcasting
• Possibility of selling advertising time
• Custom built Website


Radio Programme


According to the client’s requirement:

• Selection of a music style
• Preparation emitting element and playlists
• Production of jingles and commercials
• Training for moderators and reporters
• programme content production
• Complete preparation of a radio programme
• Promotion and marketing




Radio basics


Training content:

• Basics of radio work - introduction
• Basic audio editing and processing
• Basics of moderators‘ and reportes‘ inputs
• Production of reports/news and preparation for broadcasting
• Voice training and voice work
• Aircheck - check on one’s moderating


Additional training:

• Work with Amateur Radio
• How to conduct a radio interview
• Moderating of cultural events
• Production of programs - from preparation to implementation
• Recording the material in the field
• Using the Internet and the PC on the radio


TRAINING takes place IN ACTIVE FM radio:


• Training at the radio
• Getting your own radio recordings - Aircheck
• Photo documentation
• For the successful: The possibility of cooperation with radio